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A Safe Place

Purpose of A Safe Place

The purpose of A Safe Place is to provide a place for loss survivors to give and receive comfort from their loss of a loved one to suicide.  For each participant loss and pain are private and individual, but we all share in the common experience of grief.  We find comfort in knowing we are not alone.  A Safe Place provides a refuge from the stigma and confusion of living in a world that does not like to talk about suicide. The Samaritans, whose purpose is to support those in crisis, sponsors A Safe Place as well as provide literature, workshops and other resources to help with grief.

Guidelines for A Safe Place

These guidelines are designed for the safety and protection of all the participants.

  1. Confidentiality: What is said in the group stays in the group.
  • We work hard to practice acceptance, understanding and compassion for each other, recognizing that it takes a great deal of courage just to walk through these doors.
  • Even though some time may have passed since our loss occurred, it still may be

difficult to share.  We ask that individuals share what they wish and that others refrain from asking questions regarding others’ personal loss. We recognize that some may find comfort in simply listening.

  • Rather than give advice or make comparisons we try to be respectful of others’ privacy.
  • A Safe Place does not endorse or take any position regarding religious or spiritual beliefs. While some of us may have found comfort in our faith we are careful to refrain from what might be considered proselytizing during our meeting time.
  • We suggest attending at least 3 meetings before deciding if this support group works for you.

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