CRISIS HOTLINE Local: 603-357-5505 | Toll Free in NH: 866-457-2910


Crisis Hotlines

Toll free in NH:




How to Contact the Samaritans

You can contact The Samaritans by:

  • Phone – 603-357-5510
  • Email –
  • FacebookThe Samaritans NH

Other Resources for Support

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Survivors of Suicide

National Institute for Mental Health (NAMI)

Survivors of Loved Ones’ Suicide

Compassionate Friends
(grief support after the death of a child)

Friends for Survival
(a national outreach program for survivors of suicide loss)

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5)

The DSM-5 proposes that Suicidal Behavior Disorder is its own illness, rather than a symptom of other illnesses. Criteria for a diagnosis includes having made a serious suicide attempt in the past 2 years, attempting suicide during a clear mental state (i.e. not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, not delirious or confused), and making a suicide attempt that is not ideologically-motivated (ex. religious or political motives).